Trade services

As a dealer or auction house, you need to be sure that what you buy, and what you offer to the public, is authentic, and has not been produced by a forger to defraud you or your customers. The last thing that you want is a visit from an irate customer or worse, Trading Standards or the Police!

If you are a dealer, you may often accept auction lots or mixed collections from the public, some of which may be beyond your scope to identify, value or authenticate. Often this stock will be put in a file to be looked at later, or perhaps never! We can offer you my time on an hourly or daily basis to go through these lots, or indeed any of your stock to look for any fakes, forgeries, Autopens and printed signatures, so that you don't inadvertently offer them to the public.

As full time autograph dealer of over 20 years experience, we can also offer you advice on pricing, mounting and framing, as well as storage and preservation of your stock. Our own 15 plus years experience in retail might also prove useful if you either have or are thinking of opening a retail outlet.

Auction houses are a very vunerable area at the moment. Only the very largest can afford to have someone who has the experience with autographs working with them as a full time employee, and from my own work with Trading Standards etc, we are more than aware that the smart forgers are targeting the provincial auction houses with some very clever fakes, many of which will even fool the experienced dealer. We can help you from falling into this trap, and in the process teach you how to spot the fakes in the future. 

We can offer a day or half day rate to auctioneers, whereby we will sort, examine, and value any autograph material that you are offered, and this could be part of your valuation day if need be. We can also include the option of email advice based on a scan, for items that may need some immediate attention. This can all be done for a fixed monthly fee. You should be aware that there are a number of confidence tricksters who are currently targeting provincial auction houses with printed signatures good enough to fool even some experts. These have been very cleverly added to autograph albums, record covers, CD's etc and have now been seen at auctions all around the country. Are you capable of picking these out? the evidence shown to me suggests that you might not be!

We cover all of Kent, and most of Surrey and Sussex, although we are more than happy to travel further afield if required.

If you want to see a list of some of the COA's etc that are not accepted by ebay (or by any decent dealer) take a look at this page. 

Why not give me a call on 01634 830062 office hours to discuss your needs?