Are you looking for Autograph Authentication!

Garry King Autograph expert

If you are looking for help with authentication or perhaps getting a refund on a fake, then you are probably in the right place, but please take the time to read this page first before you do anything else. I offer my 'Quick Opinion' service only via the website and email, and all items need to go through that process first, so please do not call me requesting advice on authentication, i can help you for sure, but its not something i can deal with via the phone.

I am afraid i am unable to offer help on authenticity or valuation on the phone as the value of an item first depends on its authenticity (and i cannot see your item on the phone!) and secondly the condition, size etc. So please read all of this before emailng me, it may save us both a lot of time!

As well as being a long time dealer and authenticator in autographs, Garry King has been the expert witness in a number of high profile autograph fraud cases including the most recent one in Bournemouth, and you can read more about that here.....Bournemouth Fraud. 

And Please note...The "Quick Opinion" service covers any signed item and you can find it here. But i am afraid i cannot offer Authentication for framed or 3D items (Funko Pops etc) and will only offer the authentication service after it has been through the "Quick Opinion" service first, no exceptions! Any fee for a "quick Opinion" will be deducted from any Authentication fee later.

Firstly, when looking for an autograph authentication service, please consider the following before parting with your hard earned money!

Please be aware that there is at least one rival service which offers "free" authentication of your item, but of course its not really free at all! The trick is simple, they will tell you your item is authentic (even when its not, because that is what you want to hear) and then offer you a COA for your fake item for a fee. 

There are many similar sites on the web, all claiming to have expert knowledge and years of experience. Garry is the only one whose name you will find within reports on autograph related court cases as he has worked with the Police and Trading Standards on many cases and has proven and verifiable experience within the autograph industry.

  • Do they have FULL verifiable contact details on their sites? This is a legal requirement for any business offering online sales or services, and so anyone who does not clearly list their full contact details is breaking the law, and you should ask yourself why they have chosen to ommit these very important details!
  • Do they tell you exactly who they are?
  • Do they give you factual examples of their experience?
  • In short, can you trust them or will they simply take your money and tell you what you want to hear? 

Garry King, as the owner of both and is based in Rochester, Kent, and has been trading under the Autografica name as an autograph dealer full time for well over 2 decades. He is is very well known amongst collectors and dealers here and abroad, both on and off the web. Garry has also attended all the relevent UACC courses, plus an apraisal course to USPAP standards in the USA, as well as creating and running the AFTAL autograph course for its dealers here in the UK.

Garry was voted UACC dealer of the year in 2000,  was also given the Presidents Quality award in 2006, and was voted AFTAL Dealer of the year by its members in 2011. He is a UACC Registered Dealer (RD179), as well as a founding member and past board member of the UK based Autograph Fair Trade Association (RD002) and also an RACC Trusted Dealer 121.

Garry has appeared on BBC, ITV and Sky TV, dozens of radio stations, numerous newspapers and magazines, and also created and runs an autograph course for both autograph dealers and collectors in the UK. 

Garry's help and expert advice has been sought by dealers, auctioneers and collectors as well as the Police and Trading standards, with regard to autograph fakes and forgeries. Garry has also been succesfull in helping to obtain refunds for many of those who have bought non authentic items either via the internet or a high street shop. Garry is also one of only a very small number of autograph dealers (we know of only one other) whose expert testimony has been used to convict forgers. The most recent cases resulted in a conviction and 21 months prison sentence for one and almost 6 years for another!

Garry finished filming his first edition of 'Fake Britain' with Dominic Littlewood, which was aired in 2011, and this has now been aired on many more occasions since, no repeat fees though! He has also appeared in 2 editions of  'Inside out' and 'The One Show' for the BBC, as well as 'The Real Hustle' 'Fake Britain' and many regional news programmes. Garry has also now filmed three more editions of 'Fake Britain' the latest of which aired in 2019 and has also filmed pieces for 'Pawn Stars UK' 'Posh Pawnbrokers' and 'Posh Pawn' as well as advising on various other BBC and ITV shows with regard to autograph values and authenticity etc.

All of the above can easily be checked with a little work on Google, try doing that with some of the other so called "experts" !

If you are looking for someone who has the experience and knowledge to confirm that your signed items are real or fake and matbe help you get a refund, then Garry is most probably your man!

Please read more about authentication and the process first on our other pages, before contacting us as there are certain items or names which we will not authenticate.