Here are a few links to some of the things that Garry has been involved in.

Here is a warning to all those ebay sellers who think they can get away with selling fakes! This seller had been running the same scam on ebay for about 6 years, but eventualy a buyer thought that what he had purchased was not authentic and so took them to his Local Trading Standards. They in turn contacted us, and the rest is now history. As you can see this seller did not get a fine or a suspended sentance, but served 21 months at Her Majesty's pleasure! 

A call from Neath Trading Standards resulted in us making a very early morning call to this woman in Wales. The Laurel and Hardy signed photo mentioned, was one of the worst examples of forgery we have ever seen, and we now use this as an example in our course.

Just one of the many newspaper articles that we have either helped with or appeared in.

One of the very few occasions when eBay have been forced to remove a forger from their site!

A call from the BBC led me to being dubbed 'King of Autographs' on the Chris Evans show, after I managed to teach him to distinguish real from fake on his radio show. Not easy when I could not see what he was looking at, remember, this was radio!

The Sporting Icons trial was the largest autograph fraud trial ever held in the UK, and ran for 6 weeks. Garry appeared as a prosecution witness in the same court that saw the Moors Murderers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley sent down for life in 1966. The case took a very considerable time for the Police and Trading Standards to put together, but justice was done in the end, as both Walker and Medani both received a prison sentances. We understand that Faisal Medani was also later been charged and convicted of credit card fraud.  As you can see, Medani was not just a small cog in a fake autograph fraud racket!

In late 2010 i was contacted by a production company to help and advise on "Fake Britain, a program about autograph fakes with Dominic Littlewood for BBC1 which was eventualy broadcast in 2011. We filmed at the Autographica event in London, and at 2 other locations around the UK, resulting in an excellent advert for AFTAL and its many dealers which has now been repeated several times at prime time. Since then i have appeared on two more editions, both about autograph forgery, plus another for the BBC's "Rip Off Britain" which was about the well known autograph dealers "Frasers' of London.

A recent short article on autographs as investment. It was a discussion almost 25 years ago about alternative investments, that got Garry started in this business in the first place. Garry has now also enlarged this piece, and you can read the whole thing here.

A recent case involved a forger in Portsmouth who managed to get away with a suspended sentance after seeling many fakes via his shop and ebay. You can read about him here.

The most recent case involved a seller of signed football shirts who thought it was an easy way to make money. These were sold via his website and ebay and netted him a considerable amount, until Trading Standards caught up with him. Now he has no house, no car, no money in the bank (TS took the lot!) and is currently serving five years and eight months inside! More details here.

And finally, my page on IMDB, shame they managed to spell my name wrong though!