Autograph Authentications

We offer a range of autograph authentication and valuation options for the collector, dealer or auction house who need to be sure that the items they have, or are considering purchasing or offering, are authentic.

But whatever you want authenticated, please read all of this page before you do anything else!

I will give a "Quick Opinion" on any signed item, and you can access our "Quick Opinion" authentication options by clicking onto our other site here Autografica . So if its a "Quick Opinion" that you need on an item, then please go to the site, pay the correct fee per signature, email me the information needed, and i will do my best to help you. Please note that i always require a "Quick Opinion" first, the cost of which will be deducted from any full authentication costs later, but as well over 50% of what i see is not authentic, then this is your best option, so please do not ask me to authenticate an item unless it has been through the Quick Opinion process first.

If you have purchased an item you believe to be fake, then the "Quick Opinion" service and the advice that comes with it will, in most cases, enable you to get a refund. If you have purchased a high value item that proves to be fake, and purchased the item via your credit card, then i am able to offer a letter of confirmation that will get you a refund via your credit card company guaranteed, or i will refund your fees!

WARNING! There are now almost as many websites offering "Autograph Authentication" services as there are websites offering fake autographs. The reason? you can't get prosecuted for giving a wrong opinion, but you can get locked up for selling a fake autograph! The Police and Trading Standards are cracking down on the forgers, so some have moved into selling worthless opinions instead.

Most of these websites make all sorts of claims about how good they are, how many years they have been in the business, or how many Associations they belong to, but few if any offer any evidence to prove the claims they make! In some cases they will try and suck you in with a "free" opinion first but then when they have told you its "authentic" they will want money to issue a worhtless COA without even asking to see the actual item with their own eyes! 

A page worth reading is this one! (look under Certificates of Authenticity) It lists a whole stack of dealers and "forensic document examiners" that have been banned by ebay. And lets be honest, you need to be pretty bad to be banned by ebay! One of them is based here in the UK!

The Universal Manuscript Society, The International Association of Autograph Dealers, and The Institute of Forensic Examiners, are all associations you may have seen mentioned by these so called "experts" but if you do some simple Google searches, you will find that none of those associations actually exist, except of course in the minds of those that have added them to their websites as proof of their expertise! 

The only trade associations that are accepted as being of any worth are the UACC (as a Registered Dealer only, not just a member*) AFTAL, or PADA or RACC. All of these have a full list of their members on their website, and every member will have had to pay a fee to join, offered references, and very possibly had their stock checked as well. Every other Association is simply a 'pay your money and join the club' so those associations, although very worthwhile for a collector, offer no benefits as a dealer.  

If you require any kind of authentication, then please read the following
carefully before calling or mailing us...................

If you need a "Quick Opinion" on any item on ebay or anywhere else, then you can use the "Quick Opinion" service on the Autografica website just click here. 

A Quick Opinion will cost you from £7.95 dependant on the number of signatures, and will very probably tell you all you need to know. This service is perfect if you need to know if an item is genuine, the seller is genuine, or if you just need some assurance about buying the item. Wherever possible, Garry will give you his opinion on authenticity and value, and often some other tips or help that you may not even have considered. If for any reason i cannot help with the Quick Opinion, then your full payment will be refunded.

A simple Letter of Authenticity for a single signed item starts at £29.95 (plus return postage) dependant on the signature, as rare signatures can take more time to authenticate than more common ones, as do items with multiple signatures (Beatles, Stones etc). IMPORTANT. There are some items which i will not authenticate, and this includes contempory football, signed shirts or boots of any description, many sport signed items, or items from outside of the UK or items which may require special packing (Funko Pops for instance). 

Although some signatures will take longer for me to authenticate, this basic charge will cover most of the ones I see. Multiple signed items, for example, The Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who etc would typicly cost £49.95 but I will always confirm any price in advance.

Please note that we will not issue any kind of certificate based only on a scan due to various possible frauds, and we will only offer the authentication service after an item has been through our "Quick Opinion" service first.

If you have a large collection you want valued, then we can come to you by appointment. We can also offer a daily rate for auction houses or dealers anywhere in the UK. Discounts are of course available for collections.

One last thing to remember. There are certian "authentication experts" out there who will tell you that the Madona signed item you purchased via eBay is authentic, they may even do this for free to encourage you to use their authenticatiuon service for a fee, but just because they have said its authentic, does not make it so! They may well issue you with a nice printed certificate, but all they have done is told you what you want to hear, that your cheap Madonna is genuine and now worth hundreds of £'s but try selling it via a proper auction house such as Sotheby's etc and will soon find out the truth!

Important note. We are unable to offer authentication services to customers outside of the UK, this is simply due to possible import duties and postage issues. 

*UACC Registered Dealers have a 3 figure RD number and have had to supply references etc to get to this level. Members have a four digit number and have simply paid a membership fee to join. In addition, members are not alowed to use the logo or name to promote any sales or suggest in any way that they are Registered Dealers. So if you see a seller, who is using the logo, has said they are a Registered Member or similar and does not show any membership number, then I suggest you double check everything they say, and then go elsewhere!